News and Updates

AGM March 2024

The AGM will be held on Saturday 2nd March at Tebay Club (7pm).

There was a bye-law change approved at the 2023 AGM that will be implemented for 2024 season. The bye-laws have been re-numbered to better organize and include the new 2024 rule See Bye-laws

Bring a friend Scheme (2024)

As an added benefit of membership, the Committee has agreed to a trial of a Bring a Friend Scheme.

Members and Season Ticket holders may use a Bring a Friend Ticket subject to the following conditions.

  • The visitor should have an EA License ( A day ticket can be bought from the EA online for £6.60)
  • The member/Season Ticket holder should contact the Treasurer by email or text requesting a ticket including with the following info:      Member/Permit Holders names, Visitor Name, Visitor Contact Details – either email or phone number, Confirmation of EA license held, Date of Visit
  • The Treasurer will reply with an electronic confirmation (as per day tickets) to both the person applying and the visitor.
  • Visitors must abide by the clubs Byelaws.
  • A catch return should be submitted for the visitor.
  • Only one permit will be issued per member/permit holder per annual season.
  • Bring a friend permits will only be issued April to June inclusive.

The Committee reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Changes to Fishing (April 2024)

Our rent agreement to the east side of the Fairmile from Carling Gill down will terminate April 28th. We own the fishing on the west side so we can fish from that side.

Changes to Fishing (March 2022)

We no longer rent 3 stretches of fishing as described on the map.

  • on Birk Beck, Above the viaduct
  • on the Lune, at Kelleth
  • on the west side of the Lune, between Roundthwaite Beck north to the motorway bridge ( approx175m)
  • Contact the Secretary for further details if needed
  • New maps are in the process of being produced.

Salmon Survey

Tebay Anglers were pleased to be able to assist the Lunes Rivers Trust and Westmorland Dales National Park in their electro-fishing surveys in September 2022. See this link for the initial report on the on-going project.


  1. See the river levels via webcam courtesy of Lunes River Trust – see
  2. To avoid confrontation, do not fish where signs indicate another club; let the Committee deal with any boundary disputes.
  3. No day tickets may fish our waters in October.
  4. The Environment Agency requires “Catch & Release” for Salmon on the River Lune.


Catch Returns

Catch returns must be returned to the Secretary by 20th November each year. This includes Nil returns.

Details are on the form below. Nil returns can also be texted to the Secretary, please include your name.

Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening

Tebay Anglers holds its Annual Dinner & presentation Evening in Tebay Sports & Social Club on the first Saturday in March each year. The evening includes a Buffet, an Auction and the Club’s AGM. Permit holders are most welcome to attend although they cannot vote at the AGM. Anyone wishing to attend should notify the Secretary at least 14 days prior.

The next AGM is on Saturday March 2nd March 2024 at 7pm.