Membership and Fees

The fishing season on the Tebay Anglers stretch of the River Lune runs from 18th March to 31st October. The specific dates when trout and salmon may be caught within this period are detailed in the Bye-laws, along with other restrictions on legal lure types and amount that can be taken.

Annual membership subscriptions and permit renewals are due by 1st April each year.

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Cheques: Payable to Tebay Anglers should be sent to the Treasurer at Chapel House, Greenholme, Orton, Penrith CA10 3TA. (A Stamped S.A.E would be appreciated)


HSBC Sort Code: 402602 Account Code : 21036793

Account Name: Tebay Anglers

Account Reference: please use your name and add either ‘Member’ or ‘Permit’

If you pay via this method, you must contact the Treasurer ( email or phone or text 0788 9093848) so that we can arrange to send out a permit.


Membership, with voting rights, of Tebay Anglers, is restricted to persons on the electoral role in the parishes of Tebay, Orton or Newbiggin-on-Lune and wholly resident in this area. Persons Aged 65+ are only eligible for Retired member Status after at least 5 years as a full member.

  • Annual Fee – £60
  • Retired(65+ with 5 years membership) – £10
  • 16 and Under – Permit required – FREE


Seasonal permits to fish the Club’s waters are available to non-members on application and subject to approval of the Club’s Committee.

  • Season permit – £110
  • Senior Citizen(with over 5 years as a permit Holder) – £60
  • 16 and Under – Permit Required – FREE

Day and Weekly Permits:

Day, 2-Day and Weekly permits are available from:

  • Tebay Post Office
  • Orton Post Office
  • Bessy Beck Trout Fishery

Permits are only available 1st April to 30th September each year and can only be obtained in person as proof of possession of an EA Trout or Salmon Fishing License is required. Permits and Catch returns must be returned to source at the end of the period. As fish rental areas are subject to change, please fish only between Tebay Anglers signs. Fees for Short-term permits are:

  • Weekly – Adults – £65
  • Weekly – Senior Citizens – £40
  • One Day – Adults – £20
  • 2 Day – Adults – £30
  • 16 and Under accompanying Parent – Permit Required – FREE

When the post office is closed, day tickets may also be obtained by texting/telephoning the Treasurer (0788 9093848) with your name, date required and confirmation that you hold an EA license then paying via BACS. A text message permit will be issued electronically. Please note that this is subject to availability.