News & Updates on fishing Tebay waters will be provided, but on an ad hoc basis.

1.  You can only fish on fly for brownies in April.  Sea Trout numbers have shown a significant increase in the last couple of years.


 3.   See the River courtesy of the Lune Rivers Trust webcams. and search for River Lune.  Free service.  Sites at Lowgill and Old Tebay Bridge.  Don't forget you can get water levels at Lunesdale Bridge Weir via the Environment Agency website.

4.   Fishing is no longer available on the Bybeck Farm bank at Old Tebay Bridge.  Please do not park on the Bybeck Farm road.  Fishing is also no longer available on the East bank below the Iron Bridge to the second railway bridge above Lunes Bridge, nor in a portion of the woods below Lowgill.  To avoid confrontation, do not fish where signs indicate another club; let the Committee deal with any boundary disputes.

5.   REMEMBER THAT SEASON PERMIT HOLDERS AND MEMBERS BENEFIT FROM AT LEAST 7 EXCHANGE TICKET VENUES All exchange visits must be pre-booked with Harold Riley 01671 401173.  Permits must be carried.  Remember to let Harold know if you caught anything afterwards.  We have now 2 rods on a stretch at Caton Green, but for fly only.

6.   Season Permit Holders and Members only may fish our waters in October.