Tebay Anglers Club Bye-Laws

Old Tebay Bridge Past Bybeck


Approved by Committee Meeting held on the 28th September 2004.

 Amended by Committee Meeting held on 15th February 2009

1. No person shall fish in the Club's waters unless he shall have with him in his possession a current Environment Agency Licence and a current Club permit to fish, which shall be produced on request by any authorised person and which shall not be transferable. The permit of any person who allows the same to be used by any other person as authority to fish in the Club's waters shall be withdrawn.

2. Subject to the Bye-Laws as laid down by the Environment Agency, the season for fishing in the Club's waters are as follows:-Salmon: 1st Apr to 31st Oct; Brown Trout: 1st Apr to 30th Sept; Sea Trout: 1st May to 30th Sept.

3. No fish shall be taken out of the Club's waters of less than the following sizes, measuring from tip of snout to fork of tail:- Trout: 10 inches Sea Trout: 12 inches Salmon or Grilse: 14 inches. Any fish of less than the above sizes shall be returned to the water dead or alive, with the least possible injury. All unclean or spawning Salmon or Sea Trout must be returned to the river.

4. No person shall take more than four fish in any one day or one night's fishing.

5. During the hours of darkness only Fly Fishing is allowed.

6. Ground baiting or fishing with maggot, including Dock Grub and similar species, is not permitted.

7. No metal may be used for the extra weighting of standard salmon or trout flies.

8. After 31st August in any year treble-hooks must not exceed quarter-inch gape, and any lure of weights (together or singly) used in spinning, must not exceed one ounce.

9. Only Fly Fishing shall be allowed from lst April until 30th April inclusive.

10. The sale of Brown Trout caught in the waters of the Club shall be an offence.

11. No person fishing or returning from fishing, shall have with him any dog, gun or any implement for the taking or destruction of game, rabbits or fish, other than the implements for angling.

12. Any person committing damage to grass, fences, trees or other property, or otherwise trespassing, shall make good the same and shall indemnify the Club against all claims in respect thereof. No person shall, without the previous consent of the occupier of the land adjoining the Club's waters enter any standing crop of mowing grass or wander about on any land. No person shall leave or throw away bottles, paper or other litter. ALL GATES MUST BE CLOSED.

13. The Committee of the Club may withdraw the permit of any person who shall be convicted of illegal fishing by any Court or be in breach of any of these bye-laws, or who shall annoy or fail to give proper consideration to other anglers.

14. All anglers will fish in a clean and proper manner and in accordance with the Club's and Environment Agency regulations.

15. No prawn, shrimp or float fishing allowed.

16. Fly or worm fishing only when water is below yellow marker at Lunes Bridge.

17. All hen fish caught in the last 2 weeks of October are to be returned.

18. Fishing is not permitted on Tebay Anglers waters above Rayne Bridge from 1st October.

 19. Only barbless hooks may be used from 1st October each season.